​​​What is SOKOL Pickleball?  SOKOL Pickleball is a movement aiming to help promote and grow the game of Pickleball by improving lifestyle and physical fitness for all ages.  We believe in creating fun and enjoyment.  Our mission is to generate communal spirit and help others learn and become part of the contagious fun of Pickleball.

We offer pickleball paddles, apparel, equipment and accessories.  Everything you need to look good and play great.  We provide private and group clinics and offer resources from things like how to build your own court to finding places near you to play.  We've included many upcoming tournaments, leagues and social events where you can meet new players and enjoy the communal spirit of the sport.

Join us in the movement.  Staying in great shape does not have to be a drag. Have fun.  Play Pickleball.  Meet new people.  Pickleball is a game for all ages -- youth to senior and everything in between.  It's easy to learn and has many competitive opportunities available.  Join the fun!




noun  /  an organization aiming to promote physical fitness and communal spirit